Porbandar has a history of giving out adventurous, benevolent, spirited leaders and souls like Sudama, Mahatma Gandhi, Nanjibhai Kakidas Mehta, Muljibhai Prabhudas Madhvani and many others. Some of them migrated from Saurashtra-India to Africa in search of better living.

One such adventurous person was Shri Ratanshibhai Ranchhod Dhamecha who sailed for Mombassa, Kenya in 1906. He settled in Old Kisumu, then known as "Gambhu"


Porbandar has centuries old ties with Lord Krishna of Dwarka, so the "Bhakti Marg" developed in the people of Porbandar. Laduma, then simple Laduben was born in such a pious family in 1907. In 1925 she married Ratanshibhai. In 1930 with their three young children she joined her husband for a journey to Mombassa for Gambu. When the trading centre moved from Gambhu to New Kisumu, the family settled at Butere. Here Laduma gave birth to two more children.

In Butere, Ratanshibhai further flourished his business with zeal and hard work and started building up properties in Kisumu. Later on in 1934, pneumonia and lack of medical facilities took Ratanshibhai away from his loving and caring family.

The family then moved to Kisumu in 1934, Jivima and Laduma worked long hours at home sewing clothes and dresses and grinding masala to bring up their young children with dignity and honour. 

Their innocent humane nature and love towards all, earned the family great respect. Jivima and Laduma both concentrated in giving the best education to the children. They understood the value of education and family unity and so settled them all by wedlock into respected families; the united fruits of which they are all now sharing.

When she was most needed, Jivima died of a heart attack in December 1946, another tragic incident in the family. Laduma carried on her duties with courage to look after her sons, Khodidasbhai, Shantibhai and Jayantibhai and their daughters, Shantokben and Labhuben. After their education while still in their youth, the sons were encouraged by Laduma to enter into business. Quoting her husband's example, she made them start as Dhamecha Brothers in 1953 in Kisumu, thus following their father's footsteps to the satisfaction of Laduma.

In 1973, Laduma with her enterprising sons migrated to London-England. With her blessings the family started a property business and later expanded into a wholesale Cash and Carry business at Wembley - Dhamecha Foods Limited. Later, the family expanded into other manufacturing business.

Laduma, a devout follower of Shri Nathjibava, passed away peacefully at the age of 80 on Janmasthmi day - 17th August, 1987, surrounded by her children and grand-children.