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Re-Union for KBHS Class of 1966!

40th Anniversary of Class of 1966 reunion in Los Angeles, California, USA on 19th august 2006. Other Kisumuwalla also came to this event. Many thanks to hosts Kuldip Sadhal and Hasmukh Lad and Lakhbir Virdee.

 For pictures and other info visit the Kisumu KBHS CLASS66 website


A second reunion of Class of 1966 was held in Surrey in August 2004. This was a great success. Mates from Kenya,Norway,Sweden,USA attended the event. A great thank you to Kirit and Nalini for hosting the event. The event started at 5pm and carried on upto 3am. The time was not enough to catch up with all the mates. The songs about the moon and evening echoed wonderfully into the open air atmosphere.

Photos - photos aug 2004   on this site.


 A first reunion of Kisumu Boys High School Class of 1966 was held in Surrey,UK on 12th July 2003. After a period of 36 Years, the sight of seeing ones former classmates of  Kisumu Boys’ High School (Class of ’66) was truly heartwarming! This would not have been possible without the organising of the event by Prabhulal Shah, Suresh Amlani and not forgetting Kirit and Nalini Patel who hosted the event superbly. Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you and others who helped in this event. Missing class colleagues as well as teachers such as Mr. Aridaman Thind, Mr. Kanwar,  Mr. Wazir, Mr. De Mello, Mr. Gartside, Mr. Bly, Miss Heather McKewan, Mr. Talib, Mr. Harris, Miss Ann Thompson, Mr. Chadha, Mrs. Chadha, Mrs. Sikand, Mr. S. P. Patel and Miss Sushma Sood.Mr. C.C. Patel, Mr. J.A. Chubb (Headmaster), Mr. Babubhai Patel ( Deputy Headmaster) Mr. Bly, Mr. Shankerdass ( “ I do not wish to punish you……THWACKK!), Mr. Shira, Mr. Moore were remembered with misty eyes. We saw quite a few old photographs including one of Mr. Chubb’s. We hope to put some of them on this site subject to approval. For those who MISSED the event, A Reunion is being planned for the year 2006 (40th Anniversary). Please contact Prabhulal Shah for further details.


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The following were present:


Kirit C Patel, Kirit R Patel, Prabhu Shah, Ramnik Harania(Shah), Suresh Amlani, Jayanti Patel, Gurmeet Behan,
Vinu S Patel, Suresh Patel, Yogi Dixit, Jayant Patel, Narendra R. Patel, Surinder Nagi, Gulab P Shah, Vinod V Vadher,
Chandrakant C Shah, Dr Vijay Vadgama, Ramnik Tanna

Needless to say that the Absentees were present in spirit!!!


" We are looking for Subhash Joshi, Firoz Kassam and Balkrishna  who were in KBHS form 4  in 1966"


Anyone who was in KBHS  form 4(all classes) in 1966 can email  Prabhu Shah to join (or re-join!) the class of 66:.




            CLASS of ‘66




Aridaman Thind


Dinesh R Raniga


Firoz Kassam


Firoz Kurji


Firoz Rajan


Hasmukh K Lad




Kirit R Patel


Kishore Lakhani


Kuldip Sadhal


Lakhbir Virdee


Madhu K Chotai


Narendra Sodha




Noor Awan


Odhiambo, Walter


Prabhulal N Shah


Pravin H Patel


Ramnik R Harania


Ramnik Vaghela




Sharad Tanna


Shiraz Giga


Shiraz Surani


Shridhar Samani


Subhash Joshi


Vallabh K Ladwa


Victor de Lima


Vinod V Vadher


Yogendra B Dixit


Zahid Palekar





   Re-Union of  Class of  ’66 held in Surrey on 12th July 2003













Reports of the Re-union


Prabhu Shah


13th July 2003

 The event started off at 6pm with my family and I  having the first   drink with Kirit.Well done to Nalini for providing the food and 
 drink.People trickled in and the face recognition proved tricky, but  there was a lot of excitement when the face clicked and memory
zoomed  back 37 years. Someone brought old school photos and that helped jog the  memory a bit. Amar Prem: "Yah Kya Hua, Kaise hua, Kab Hua,
Kyun Hua" was  answered when Kirit  spoke about how Class 66 idea happened. There was a  slide show presentation (arranged by Rahul-Kirit's nephew), on a
screen,  of the old photos that we have collected. Our absent friends were remembered and we drank a toast to them. Yogi Dixit entertained us with a Caribbean reggae dance wearing  a Caribbean costume. The goodbyes lasted the longest. Yogi started saying goodbye at 10 and was still  saying bye at 12.30.
I cannot remember much from recent events but the old memories are better.



To all friends who form the family currently being known as KBHS'66, "jambo, kemcho, sasriagal, salam, hei-di, gd-day, 
hilsener & greetings as said all over the world (as Naren says - what's in a name) to ALL, who were there on 12th July'03 in spirit 
and in person at Kirit's place.  Sorry, do you call that a place or  PALACE.  I am sure, all who were there must have felt as I did, 
that we were having a garden party at some palace.  Thank you  Kirit/Nalini and all members of your family for hosting such a lovely 
evening. And what an "EVENING" it was.  Besides the venue, (note any  friends & childern doing media studies having plans of making a 
movie, especially an Indian one - the PALACE is ideal for some  great location shooting) the weather was sunny & hot, making one 
feel as if you were in Kisumu. After the lovely sunset the night  brought on the romantic full moon at which stage we had driving 
cinema experience where was premiered a short true photo  documentary about KBHS'66. Canes/Hollywood/Bollywood watch 
out, KBHS'66 productions will be launching an entry soon. For those who were there in spirit, something about the one's who 
were there in person through my dark glasses & the rasta  dreadlocks.

There was the host Kirit with whom had a few laughs about how he had enlightened some of us & not others during mwalimu De 
Mello's biology classes. Jayanti with his family who are in the business of wedding  receptions & theme parties. His eldest son Siddhartha, who is 
qualified as teacher and hoping to travel the world by taking a gap  year before settling down on a career won't have to worry about his 
wedding reception arrangements. Have a great time looking up the world.

Suresh Amalani now an architect (once more with my apologies for  not having known about his sad loss) with his two lovely sons 
having studied  medicine & economics @ Oxford,  providing  him and us all something to be proud, talking about how he met up
 with one of our teachers - Mr. Sira. That brought the memory of  learning "Romeo & Juliet" for our GCSE.

Vinod Vadher with his wife (who's also a teacher) seems to have  beaten us all to the retirement post. Having imparted his wisdom 
for years to Laughborough Univ. undergradutes he is currently  enjoying retirement doing little bit of research work to keep his grey
 matter active. Has two sons following parent's footsteps choosing  public service careers & doing medicine. All the best to them as 

Gulab Shah came with his family and as per his wife one of their  son's was so overwhelmed by seeing his father's happiness at the 
reunion that he went misty eyed. Another young graduate I met  was his eldest son who finished studying Russian @ Bath Univ. 
Well if Gulab could speak African languages and understand  Africa, why not learn Russian and master the mysteries of ex-iron 
curtain region.

Ramnik Tanna as Prabhu mentioned, couldn't resists the  opportunity of meeting friends at the reunion that, he put business 
pressures on a back burner in his mind by delegating  responsibilities (including that of looking after his wife who is 
convalacing after surgery to his undergraduate son) and came with his daughter to represent rest of his family. He was still at the 
reunion party in spirit the following day after having spent a whole  day manning their business stall @ the NEC Exhib. Halls.

Surinder was pleased to be back in the UK and being able to make  it for the reunion, though it was his lady wife who had felt
homesick  in America. Together with all our ladies she too was amused at  seeing us lot transformed to sixteen year olds.

Ramnik H with his family was just overjoyed & misty eyed at  seeing every one and couldn't overcome the fact that I had grown 
tall after hibernating throughout my high school days @ a height of  5' 3" & 93lb.in weight. Well it was the "ugali" that I was fed at 
Kenyatta Univ. where I did my teachers training which seems to  have triggered my growth hormones. Well remember Narveen Kent,
 she was my classmate there too after doing the two year 'A' level  studies @ KBHS. Oh! Cheers to your son who was looking after 
you and ensuring you were in the spirit of things. Thanks to Suresh who came with some old photos of friends from 
Victoria Boys School and Form 4B. Remember the tough mwalimu  Shaunak from primary school. Hope he still doesn't cast a spell of 
fear on anyone of you out there.

Seeing Vinu face to face gave me a chance to thank him for the wonderful work he's started running the Kisumu site. Keep it up. Friends do visit it and see how the old place has changed.I  suppose we all have changed in a way too (but not that much when
 we met up). Well that's what all the young sons and daughters seated in one section of the patio and our Hon. Ladies in another 
group were thinking/talking about.

It was great to see Bhupi Patel, my 'langdi' player partner still his slim self.

Prabhu thanks a lot for all the hard work you put towards our mini  reunion. Hope next time we meet my twelve year daughter's health 
is better and the younger daughter hasn't any fasting to do. Yes  some dance music would't go a-miss, so that we can indulge in 
bum to bum & cheek-cheek (for those whose spirit might make them feel amorous towards their birds) dancing.

Well cheers to all who were there in which ever state - spirit or in person  from  His & Her Excellency Yogi/Neeta Dixit + Princess Bhavini & 
Neelam. For those who were there it was my younger brother who  drove me to the PALACE as I have never learned driving for the love
 of a liquid kind of spirit. I am king in mind/body/spirit otherwise am a god fearing brahmin who loved school/studies and became a teacher. Taught for six 
years in govt. seconday schools in Western Kenya and when I saw  my first student come out of University, felt I had done something 
for the country I was born & grew up in. With that blessed feeling  decided to emigrate to the UK, where after an initial stay in 
Leicester with Ramnik Tanna's family came to London. Had my  first job with Polytechinc of North London now known as London 
Metropolitan Univ. in their Teachers Training Dept. After several years working with teachers training students changed job to work 
in the School of Nursing @ the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead. This school has gone through changes as nurse education has 
changed and now forms part of Middlesex University. So for me its been a life spent in education and even though I myself haven't 
attempted graduate studies in U.K., find great pleasure and a  sense of pride seeing young people come out with graduate 
qualifications. There were many such young people (mind you I am  still 26 in spirit) at the reunion and I know many of the friends who 
weren't there have their children who are graduates or working  towards it. Young people well done & one's working towards it ALL 
THE BEST. I will one day attempt driving and graduate studies but currently on indefinite gap year.  

Well once more many thanks to Kirit & family plus all friends and  their families for making it a great evening for us. My apologies if I 
have said or written anything to hurt anyone's feelings.


Yogi Dixit