People who have contributed to Kisumu and its residents (past and present) 5th August 2007


On this page we intend to put the names  of those people who have contributed to Kisumu and its people.  We are sure you will marvel at the hard work these people have put in to achieve their goals.



It is agreed by many that had Tom Mboya become President of Kenya, it would have been a country well on its way to achieving a developed country status, well ahead of its neighbours. But that chance was never given to him. On that day, not only Nyanza lost its Son, but whole Kenya lost a Son who could have given so much to the Nation. Rusinga Island on Lake Victoria, where the remains of Son of Kenya are buried should become a place of pilgrimage for people of whole  Kenya (and not only Nyanza) who have lost so much due to tribalism and greed of so few.


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Laduma Dhamecha:


Laduma Dhamecha came to Kisumu when it was still a village. Here is an inspiration for many people to see what Laduma achieved in a far away land from that of her birth and after being widowed within 4 years of arriving in Kisumu.  Today Dhamecha Brothers are well known not only in Kisumu but also in London where they own and run wholesale ‘Cash and Carry’ company in Wembley and Croydon.  And it all began with Laduma……truly a great Lady who alas is no longer among us.


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Devjibhai V. Tanna and Ratanben D. Tanna:

Devjibhai was Chaganbhai and Dhanjibhai Tanna’s father ( National Printing Press).  Dhanjibhai D. Tanna MBE resides in London and has guided so many youngsters to the path of rightness with his various social activities that many of these people who are running their own businesses in London and various parts of the world still regard him as a father figure. I am sure you will marvel at the  hard work Devjibhai put in to his business like carrying goods on a bicycle across Nandi Hills near Kisumu and having to sleep under the trees in those days…


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Max Raicha (Executive Member of  International Amateur Radio Union)


IARU (International Amateur Radio Union) is a highly respected body representing Radio Hams throughout the world. The contributions of Radio Amateurs at times of disasters is well known. They are also responsible for many advances in the field of Radio Communications. Contacts by other Radio Amateurs with Kenyan Radio Hams is highly prized among the Amateur fraternity as  there not so many Radio Amateurs in Kenya where initially one has to pass an examination to be able to use Radio Transmitters on the band reserved specially for them.  It is truly a noble hobby and our congratulations go to Max Raicha ( D.R. Raicha) of Kisumu for achieving the Presidency of this Body.


Contributions to Kisumu
a) Jaramogi Odinga Oginga (late). freedom fighter and doyen politician of Kenya.Former Vice President of Kenya
b)Hon Raila Amolo Odinga (Agwambo Tinga) MP for Langata visionist and enlightened Politician
c)Hon Robert Ouko (late)   MP for Kisumu townenvisioned political leader
d) Hon Job Omino (late)  MP for Kisumu town west
e) Hon Amir Jamal (late) MP for kisumu first and only asian MP for Kisumu
f0Mayor Ondiek (late) first African Mayor after independence.
g)Mayor Grace Onyango -first woman Mayor ,first women MP,first  woman  speaker, in Africa
h)Mayor Ezra Gumbe (late) A very good track record as a social worker and mayor of Kisumu.
i)Mayor joel Omino (late)  Very good development in his time
j)Dr Shabbir Ahmed (late) a pioneer medical practitioner,social worker entreprenour and political activist for independence.(doktari ya wanainchi)
k) John Riddoch (late)  -Pioneer ,social worker and entreprenour
l)Mrs Roshan Tejpar- Mwalimu (Teacher) par excellance .responsible for putting a lot of later successful Kisumu kids on the right track
m)Mr Raichura (late)-A humble  and good lawyer
n )Mr Rajni Somaia. -Lawyer and entreprenour and trustee. great athlete and humble  person
m)Mr Seraphino Antao- great athelete son of  Kisumu who had later moved to nairobi .He did Kisumu proud .
o)hon Barrack Obama- Though not born in kisumu or Kenya is a son of Kisumu by right of his father who was a Kisumu resident.He
was given the honarary citizenship of Kisumu.May well become the President of USA but born in UKC (united Kisumu City)
 p)Haji Rehmat Khan Kherdin (late)_ pioneer entreprenour and social worker

finally though there are many more more worthy than yours truly

q)Mayor Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed - I will let someone else enter the details. However I am proud to be a son of kisumu & be  given the chance to serve  Kisumu

Above sent in by: Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed