A sixth Kisumu gathering was held on Sunday the  10th September 2000 at Kadwa Patidar Centre in Harrow, Middx. Needless to say this function was also a huge  success with around 900 people attending. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Mr. Nitin Mehta who was awarded M.B.E. (Member of The British Empire) Medal for services rendered to the community in the fields of education and  cause of Vegetarians. Mr. Dhanjibhai  formerly of National Printing Press has also been a recipient of  the MBE for his services to the community as well. Sadly on this occasion, Mr. Dhanjibhai has stood down from the chairmanship of  Kisumu committee which he held for nearly 10 years.


The function started with a Bangra dance. There were more dances and songs from charity workers at present working in and around Kisumu. It was marvellous to see these charity volunteers from Taiwan, Germany, Australia etc. singing Indian Film   songs which were well received by the audience consisting   Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. But then Kisumu has always been a very united community regardless of faith which is true of many other towns and cities in East Africa.


A grand total of 1300 was raised by these Charity volunteers to go towards their work in and around Kisumu. Many of our former teachers were present. However a  notable exception was Mr. Shankardass ( 94) who  could not attend due to ill health. Meeting after so many years, it was sometimes difficult to recognise colleagues, neighbours, school friends etc. May be in future we could organise meeting areas in the hall based on the time at which one gave their ‘O’ level exams. Ideas are welcome on this point which will be posted here if relevant.


There was a raffle organised during the function to pay for the hiring, catering and future activities with prizes being donated by Kisumuwallahs.Towards the evening, food was laid on which was really delicious with the only complaint being the long ques!!


The function finished at around 8 pm. It was nice to see all the friends after so many years. Our hearty Thank You goes to all the people concerned in organising this event.</