A seventh  Kisumu gathering was held on Sunday the  22nd  September 2002 at Kadwa Patidar Centre in Harrow, Middx. Again, the hall became full and we were also lucky to have His Worshipful The Mayor of Kisumu  and Town Clerk as our Chief Guests.

His Worshipful The Mayor of Kisumu, Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed, presented
plaques to the following members of our committee members:
Mr R P Chadha
Mr Amratlal N Sodha
Mr Dhanjibhai D Tanna MBE
Mr Gordhandas S Patel MBE
Mr Rajesh R Chadha
Mrs Ranjan A Tank
Mr Ajit Singh Panesar
Mr Mohamed Munir Rai
Mr Damjibhai J Limbachia